The Alaskan, 7mm Knee Sleeve - Pair of 2 (Glacier Blue)

The Alaskan, 7mm Knee Sleeve - Pair of 2 (Glacier Blue)

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HVSKY Fitness Knee Sleeves are made with a high quality 7mm neoprene and are double stitched throughout to improve training, performance, and prevent leg injuries during heavy squats.

These knee sleeves are used for all types of fitness workouts including: Power lifting, bodybuilding, all sports, leg training exercises, etc.

Why knee sleeves or braces are a must have for any beginner or fitness enthusiast?
  •  The high quality neoprene compression will aid in higher performance and safe mobility.
  • Orthopedic support to prevent injury and aid joint pain during rehab (e.g. tendonitis, acl tear, surgery). 
  • Warming effects; neoprene braces retain heat to reduce muscle stiffness which involves better mobility and keep joints (e.g. meniscus) nice and warm to reduce injury risks. 
Roll the knee sleeves down your calves and protect your shins during deadlifts!

What’s Included?
  •  1 pair of premium knee sleeves
  •  HVSKY Fitness drawstring gym bag

SIZING - Measure the circumference of your leg 10cm below the knee cap

➤ XS: 31-33cm
➤ S: 33-35cm 
➤ M: 35-37cm 
➤ L: 37-40cm 
➤ XL: 40-43cm 
➤ XXL: 43-46cm

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