Premium Resistance Hip Band - Blue (L/XL)

Premium Resistance Hip Band - Blue (L/XL)

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HVSKY Fitness Hip Bands are the perfect on-the-go tool whether you’re looking to warm up before a workout or add more resistance to your current routine. Our Hip Bands are woven from premium materials to provide for unparalleled durability and comfort. Say goodbye to rolling, sliding and skin-pinching from traditional, cheap rubber resistance bands. This will be the most comfortable resistance band you ever use.

Get those glutes, hips, and hamstrings warmed up before working out to increase mobility and prevent injury. With your purchase, you’ll also receive access to our VIP E-Book that includes step-by-step exercises to spice up your warm-ups.

Adding extra resistance on hip abductors and external rotators will train your legs to “push out” during exercises like squats and deadlifts. Utilizing the hip band properly will help to activate muscles around the hips and glutes that may not normally be targeted. This will improve technique, strength, and stability.

HVSKY Hip Bands come in two sizes: Small/Medium and Large/XL. The smaller band will provide a higher level of resistance than the large band.
As a general rule of thumb we recommend to go with the smaller band if you’re under 150lbs, and the larger band if you’re 150+ lbs. Depending on your goals you may want higher/lower resistance regardless of your weight (or even both!).


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