Our Story

We were fed up.

We were tired of buying overpriced fitness products that simply wouldn't last. Torn knee sleeves, shredded wrist wraps, inaccurate sizing; the list goes on. The cheap stuff didn't last more than a month and the expensive stuff was... well... way too expensive. 

A team of seasoned athletes, we put our heads together to develop premium quality at an affordable price. Tired of big brand markups, we set out to cut the middle man so we could sell directly to the consumer.

We have no middle men, no sales guys, and no distributors unnecessarily jacking up the price. Simply an elite product from us, straight to you.


Our first product - a huge success

We squat... a lot. With backgrounds in powerlifting, crossfit, wrestling, and track we really put our knees to the test. It was only natural that we started by designing the thing we know best. 

We slaved away at the drawing board to develop our 7mm neoprene knee sleeves and we're extremely satisfied with the result. We designed them for comfort, and engineered them for war. These things are bad ass. Big brand quality at a fraction of the price, guaranteed.




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